by Secret Secretaries

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released December 12, 2012

Nic Burrose: vocals/guitar/bass
Elle Negra: vocals/guitar
Stephen Prinz: drums

All songs written by Nic Burrose
except track 3: lyrics by Burrose/Negra
©Heavenly Wretched Music
Recorded at the Complex S.F. Fall 2012
Mixed/Mastered/Engineered by Alexi Alexaieff
Assistant Engineering by Theresa Sawi

Layout and logo by J. Brandon Loberg and Nic
'Splatter Street 2' by Nic



all rights reserved


Secret Secretaries San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Hashtag
I'd say it to you here but I know you just don't care
So I'll sing it to myself somewhere where no one else can hear
I need another bad habit like a bullet hole in my head
But you're so young and pretty
And you need a little death

I'm sorry if I let you down
To prove this is useless when we can't hang out

As the sins of winter rain slip beneath our skin
Kissed away the pain beneath plasticine lips
So far away from the metal plates in our hearts
Her rose thorns cut my hands bleeding out these withered glands

I'm sorry that I let you down
To prove this is useless when you're not around

If you're gonna say it then make me believe it
If you're gonna say it then say it like you mean it
Because I'm not tough enough to be that proud
If you're gonna say it then say it to me now

My friends are bent on self-destruction
Living it up like the world could end at any fvcking moment
Track Name: One Eye Open
Saw your face burning like a flame
Painted across a dashboard mountain range
Winged effigies of ruin and decay
It's our time in the sun so put your guns away

The hounds and hordes of hell were trailing right behind
A silver moon rose high above the pines
Through dead cities full of dying neon signs
You can run but you can't hide from the monsters inside your mind

One day, your cities will rust and your forests turn to dust
But i got one hand on the wheel and a bottle full of drugs
And one eye open, one eye open
To the end of the road or bust

White line fever keeping me awake
Uncoiling interstates like rattlesnakes
I'm feeling so tired I can't see straight
And I think my brain's about to break
Track Name: Dream Bomb
Should've seen that ship coming from a thousand miles away
Burning up in the blue from some unmapped place in outer space

We were drifting in a boat lost at sea
I held your head under, watched you choking in your sleep

You were a little dream bomb
It was all a blur but I swear I heard you say those words

Did we all OD or was it just a dream
When the bomb went of at our wedding party

You were a little dream bomb
Yeah you were a little drug bomb
You mess my head up but I can't get enough
Track Name: Helen Keller
I know a secret, promised that I'll keep it
Two bodies in a grave, a decaying x-ray
Once I could touch you and I could trust you
Now there's no one left to blame
So push it in and kill the pain

Now that I see thru you
So close to a ghost someone I once knew
As suddenly as seasons change
Still a flame burns inside his brain
Wrapped in fur and leather as you walked away
Dead animals don't know anything about love
Sex, death, trust, lust, lies
Track Name: Redhanded
Pictures get ripped and drift to the floor
When the rings on your fingers don't fit you no more
But these hands will still be yours
When the trumpets blow their last dented note
In a cityscape asleep in a sea of smoke
These hands will still be yours
When the last deed of the last honest man
Is a cigarette crushed in the bottom of a can
These hands will still be yours

So don't slow down
Slow down
Cus a love like this might never come around again so
Don't slow down